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Liquid Crystal Materials Research Center

Symposium Program

Invited Speakers

    • Tommaso Bellini (University of Milan, Italy)
    • Paul Chaikin (New York University)
    • Seth Fraden (Brandeis University)
    • Antal Jákli (Kent State University)
    • Ewa Gorecka (University of Warsaw, Poland)
    • Randy Kamien (University of Pennsylvania)
    • Oleg Lavrentovich (Kent State University)
    • Darren Link (Raindance Technologies)
    • Tom Lubensky (University of Pennsylvania)
    • Bob Meyer (Brandeis University)
    • David Nelson (Harvard University)
    • Pawel Pieranski (Universite Paris-Sud, France)
    • Ron Pindak (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
    • David Pine (New York University)

    • Jacques Prost (ESPCI, Paris, France)

    • Cyrus Safinya (University of California at Santa Barbara)
    • Ed Samulski (University of North Carolina)
    • Hideo Takezoe (Tokyo Technical University, Japan)
    • Arjun Yodh (University of Pennsylvania)
    • David Weitz (Harvard University)
    • Joe Zasadzinski (University of Minnesota)
    • Slobodan Žumer (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

 • Download the Final Program here.

Contributed Posters

All participants are invited to present a poster at the symposium. Abstracts should be submitted for inclusion in the symposium program.

Tutorial Lectures

Two introductory tutorials aimed at young scientists will be held before the symposium proper begins. These lectures are open to all registered symposium attendees.

   • 9-9:45       Dan Schwartz (University of Colorado) on Amphiphiles
   • 10-10:45   Leo Radzihovsky (University of Colorado) on Elastomers