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Liquid Crystal Materials Research Center

Young Scientists

Young scientists, including students and postdocs, are encouraged to attend and participate in all aspects of the symposium and to contribute with poster presentations (there will be a prize for the Best Student Poster). The posters will be on display in the break area for the duration of the symposium, allowing many opportunities for interactions with the other symposium participants in a relaxed atmosphere. The meeting format will also allow ample time for questions and discussion during the talks.

Travel Support

Funds are available to subsidize graduate and postdoctoral student travel to the symposium. Young scientists may apply for support to Prof. David Walba at walba@colorado.edu. In your application, please describe your present position and research interests, provide a brief statement about why you would like to attend the symposium, and include a copy of your poster abstract .

Tutorial Lectures

Two introductory tutorials aimed at young scientists will be held before the symposium proper begins. These lectures are open to all registered symposium attendees.

   • 9-9:45       Dan Schwartz (University of Colorado) on Amphiphiles
   • 10-10:45   Leo Radzihovsky (University of Colorado) on Elastomers

Laboratory Tours

Guided tours of the LCMRC research laboratories will be organized during the meeting.